How to Start Playing Web3 Games Without Entry Fees or Buying NFTs

3 min readJun 14, 2023


In this article, we’ll explore alternative paths for starting to play Web3 games, even if you can’t afford the entry fees or buy NFTs.

Web3 games have changed the gaming world, giving players a chance to play in decentralized gaming spaces where they can even earn real value. However, the starting costs and the price of getting non-fungible tokens (NFTs) can be a roadblock for those who can’t make an upfront payment. In this article, we are going to look at different ways and options to start your journey with Web3 games, even if you are not ready to pay the entry fees or get NFTs. Let’s get going!

Explore Free-to-Play Web3 Games

Some Web3 games need an initial investment, but there are many free-to-play options. These games often have in-game economies where you can earn rewards or tokens by playing actively. Check out games like Alien Worlds, LiteBringer, or My Crypto Heroes, which let you start playing without any starting costs.

Participate in Play-to-Earn Games

Play-to-earn games let players earn in-game assets or tokens by playing actively. This lets you build up valuable assets that can be sold or traded for profit. Games like Axie Infinity and Gala GamesMirandus have P2E mechanics, letting you start playing without spending money and potentially earn income over time.

Join Play-to-Earn Guilds and Communities

To increase your chances of earning in-game assets and rewards, think about joining play-to-earn guilds or communities. These groups offer support, advice, and chances to work with other players. By working together, guild members can plan and share the benefits of their joint work, boosting the chances of earning valuable rewards.

Participate in Airdrops and Giveaways

Airdrops and giveaways are events where game developers or projects give free tokens, NFTs, or other valuable rewards to the community. Stay active on Web3 gaming forums, social media platforms, and official project channels to stay informed about these events. Joining airdrops and giveaways can give you initial assets to start playing without any starting costs.

Seek Opportunities for Early Access

Some Web3 games offer early access to players who help the project grow, such as taking part in testing phases, giving feedback, or spreading awareness. By actively engaging with the game’s community and showing your enthusiasm, you might get a chance to access the game before its official launch, potentially without any entry fees.

Explore Pooled NFT Ownership

Pooled NFT ownership is when a group of players pool funds to get high-value NFTs together. This lets you access and benefit from rare or valuable assets without bearing the full financial burden alone. Look for platforms or communities that facilitate pooled NFT ownership, and explore the possibilities of sharing ownership with others.

Earn Cryptocurrency Through Other Means

If you are not ready to invest directly in Web3 games, consider other ways to earn cryptocurrency. Take on freelance work, take part in online surveys, or explore microtask platforms that pay in cryptocurrency. Earning cryptocurrency in these ways can give you the resources to step into the world of Web3 gaming and invest in valuable in-game assets over time.


Don’t let financial limits stop you from experiencing the exciting world of Web3 games. By discovering F2P games, engaging in P2E mechanics, joining communities, looking for early access opportunities, and exploring other ways to earn cryptocurrency, you can start playing Web3 games without the need for upfront payments or buying costly NFTs. Embrace the opportunities, get involved, and dive into the decentralized gaming revolution!

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