GGEM is Proud to Announce Its Latest Partnership with Tech 3 Studios: Flight Force 4

Step into the next era of gaming as GGEM proudly partners with Tech 3 Studios, bringing the groundbreaking Flight Force 4 to its vibrant gaming ecosystem.

2 min readNov 21, 2023

GGEM is thrilled to introduce Flight Force 4 (FF4), an extraordinary first-person shooter developed by Tech 3 Studios using the advanced Unreal Engine 5. Set in the year 2087, FF4 offers a rich narrative and immersive gameplay, where players engage in intense battles on five different planets. The game revolves around the conflict between two factions: the human Defenders and the alien X-ions, who clash over the planet’s resources and the powerful Xanite.

Flight Force 4 not only offers visually stunning graphics but also integrates groundbreaking technologies like Unreal Engine 5.2, blockchain, and AI, setting a new standard in the gaming industry. The game features various match types, including EOD (Extract or Destroy) and Domination modes, requiring strategic thinking and teamwork.

GGEM’s partnership with Flight Force 4 is a testament to its commitment to bringing together traditional and blockchain gaming communities. Through this collaboration, GGEM aims to provide gamers with an unparalleled experience, blending the thrill of FPS gaming with the innovative aspects of blockchain technology.

About Flight Force 4

Flight Force 4 is a first-person shooter game with stunning graphics, engaging gameplay, and innovative use of technology. Set in a distant future, the game takes players on a journey across diverse planets, each with unique challenges and environments. FF4’s gameplay mechanics emphasize strategy and teamwork, especially in its larger maps and various game modes. The game’s earning mechanisms allow players to acquire in-game assets and tokens, adding a unique economic dimension to the gaming experience. With plans for continual expansion and the integration of blockchain technology, Flight Force 4 stands as a pioneering title in the gaming industry.

About GGEM

GGEM is the ultimate gaming ecosystem aimed to bridge the gap between traditional and blockchain gaming communities. Our platform represents a comprehensive portal with a game distribution service, in-game asset renting marketplace, gaming academy, and lots of space for communication, big online events, and player activations.

GGEM provides high-quality education and resources to help players succeed in games. On the other hand, we also offer business tools and services for game companies to help them scale a player base.

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