Announcing the new partnership: GGEM & GensoKishi!

We are excited to announce our awesome collaboration with GensoKishi MMORPG game.

2 min readSep 14, 2023

GGEM is happy to team up with GensoKishi — a popular Japanese Web3 MMORPG game with an expansive player base. We are confident that this partnership will help GGEM scale its popularity and awareness to Japanese players, as well as help GensoKishi introduce its game to our loyal community of GGEMers.

Stay tuned for more events co-organized by our projects to win amazing prizes and support us!

  • Genso AMA on GGEM Discord with trivia and community giveaways — September 18
  • GGEM AMA on Genso Discord with trivia and community giveaways — September 21
  • Airdrop campaign for the Genso community — date TBD
  • GGEM’s lottery sponsorship in the Genso game — date TBD

And more!

About GensoKishi

GensoKishi is a 3D MMORPG, party play, play, and ecotype of game, with its very own metaverse. Built on the Polygon chain, the project already has a 14-year-long history stemming from the Web2 version of the game called Elemental Knights with over 8 million downloads worldwide. If doing Dungeon sieges, beating down powerful Dragons, grinding hard, meeting new friends, and looting high-valued items is your thing, feel free to try out Genso!

Genso’s list of partners includes Yoshitaka Amano, the visual artist for the Final Fantasy series; Furusato Nozei with Japan’s local governments, where local Japanese would be able to pay their taxes using our metaverse tokens, and in doing so would get incentivized discounts; Ledger Cold Wallets where the wallets were signed by Yoshitaka Amano himself which was sold and sent to Genso’s community globally; and Symbiogenesis, a Web3 project by Square Enix.

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About GGEM

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GGEM provides high-quality education and resources to help players succeed in games. On the other hand, we also offer business tools and services for game companies to help them scale a player base.

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